Fear Free Moment with Vanessa

How does your pet feel about going to the vet? We are noticing more and more of our beloved pets are showing signs of stress when visiting the vet for their regular check ups or even just for a nail trim or weigh in. If your fur baby is stressed, it tends to make the visit unpleasant for both owner and patient. The more stressful visits they have the more and more they don’t want to come visit us and it’s less likely that owners will want to bring them in for routine visits.

Fear Free is about educating clients, and our staff about ways to make veterinary visits happy and as stress free as possible for our patients and their owners. Over the last few years this has become a movement in the U.S and now in Canada. We are dedicated to trying different techniques to make visits less stressful and still be able to get what we need done to make sure our patients are happy and healthy.

Who ever thought by simply bringing our pet to the vet hungry could make a difference. Food motivated pets are happy pets and they don’t typically notice what’s going on around them. Adding pheromones to our exam rooms and spraying them on ourselves before appointments to provide a more calming environment helps as well. We’ve had dogs that are challenging to get full exams done until we realized what motivated them. Squeeze liver or cheese is one of our favourites and the dogs too. There are so many ways to help our pets live happier and healthier lives. By taking that extra little bit of care we can have happier and calmer pets all around. Stay tuned for more information and learn ways to recognize stress in your fur baby.

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