Canine Grooming Consent Form

  • Thank you for choosing Gateway Pet Hospital. The health and safety of your dog is our top priority. We want to make every effort to ensure your cat has a positive grooming experience. Please read the following consent form carefully. We ask that you sign the consent once, and we will keep it on file. We ask that you update it if any changes arise.
  • We want to ensure the health and safety of your pet by understanding his/her medical history while in our care. Please list any relevant medical history. This may include medical conditions such as seizures, breathing problems, skin conditions, lumps or other skin lesions, allergies, arthritis, back or neck problems, heart conditions, mobility concerns, previous surgeries. Please update us if any new problems arise:
  • Please list any medications that your pet is taking:
  • Name of pet’s regular veterinary clinic: *
  • By signing this consent, you are giving us permission to call your regular veterinary hospital for your pet’s medical records if there is a medical condition that poses a concern to his/her health during grooming.
  • 14. Your satisfaction is important. If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY