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COVID-19 and medical procedure limitations in veterinary medicine

By April 16, 2020 No Comments

As with almost every industry, COVID-19 has turned everything upside down and forced us to make massive changes to our operating procedures and how we practice medicine.  

Recently, the Ontario government further restricted the scope of services that can be offered by businesses. Veterinarians continue to be listed as an essential service, however we are now restricted to urgent cases only. Under guidance of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), we will be implementing strict restrictions on which cases will be seen directly in our hospital. 

We will be following guidelines set out by the OVMA in order to deliver careful and effective healthcare to our patients while doing everything possible to limit the risk to you and to our staff and limit our use of supplies needed in the human medical field.

We will still be available for food and medications, using curbside pick-up.  Please call ahead for anything you need to allow us to arrange your order ahead of time.  Please also be aware that we are facing shortages and difficulty obtaining some food and medication so we recommend calling with ample time before you run out of supplies.



 Restrictions being implemented

  • A number of cases will be diverted to telemedicine and many procedures will need to be delayed.
  • Your pet may not be able to get chronic conditions (like dental disease or allergies) worked up or treated as quickly if they are not life threatening.
  • We may need to prescribe medications for which we would normally do certain tests before prescribing (such a heartworm test, or retesting blood levels for some medications).
  • Elective surgeries will be postponed.





We do not make any of these decisions lightly.  We will consider the risks of every case and we will always make you aware of the risks involved – a direct exam and timely testing is, without a doubt, ideal medicine for your pet, but it’s just too risky to public health. Every time we increase traffic through our doors we put our staff at risk (pets are not known to transmit the virus, but they could carry it on their fur, and because many cases of COVID-19 have no symptoms we could also pose a risk to you if a staff member is infected without knowing). Every time we use masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer we are using supplies that those in the human medical field desperately need. Every anesthetic procedure we do requires oxygen or medications that are vital for those currently fighting for their lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with concerns. We always have, and always will do the best we can for you and your beloved pet.

It has been said that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and that is certainly the case here. We don’t want to make these decisions. We have to.  

For more details on the guidelines from the OVMA click here


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