We all know how annoying and distracting those pesky mosquitoes, black flies and horse flies are buzzing around your head. Your dog is just as annoyed! 

  Bugs and external parasites can cause annoyance, itchy or painful bites and even allergic reactions, but they can also spread disease. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm disease  to your dog, which can be life-threatening if undetected. Ticks can also significantly impact your pet’s health as they are carriers of  diseases such as Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis. Annual blood testing (the “4DX” test) to be sure your pet is free from these diseases is recommended for this reason.  

There are a wide variety of veterinary products to help prevent these parasites If you are looking to reduce the annoyance and risk of mosquitoes Advantix may be a good option as it is labeled as a ‘mosquito repellant’ in addition to its role as a flea and tick control product.

Along with veterinary prescription products, such as Advantix, have you considered adding bug spray to your dogs prevention routine? Believe it or not, this is a preventive measure you can safely take to help your pet keep annoying bugs away.

Although there are no pet-specific bug sprays that are FDA approved we do have some tips to find a bug repellent that is safe for your dog. 

  • First and foremost, this information is directed toward dogs, not cats. Unfortunately it is not safe to put any bug spray on our feline friends as they groom themselves and no product should be ingested. 

  • Look for a spray that is DEET FREE. this ingredient is neurotoxic and can lead to severe vomiting and seizures.

  • Some products add Tea Tree Oil, it can be toxic in large volumes, if your repellent contains this ingredient we recommend calling us first to see if its safe or finding a different product.

  • Look for 8-12 hour protection to avoid applying multiple times throughout the day. 

We have researched products that are safe and available in retail stores – our recommendations are the following:

  • Avon Skin so Soft.

  • Kombat Deet free Mosquito repellent 12-hour protection.

  • PiActive Mosquito Shield Deet free (this is also safe for infants as young as 6mths old). 

  • Off Familycare Aerosol Deet Free.

  • TICK END spray, this product we stock! 

Along with the importance of ingredients, be sure to apply safely. Apply to your hands first and then wipe onto your pet, be extra careful around their face, be sure to avoid their eyes and mouth. If your pet has a history of skin concerns or allergies please consult your veterinarian BEFORE APPLICATION. 

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors and we know there is nothing great about bugs. Stay Safe! 

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