Pet Wellness Exams with our Kitchener Veterinarian

If you've ever had to schedule an extensive course of treatment to deal with a severe or advanced medical condition in your pet, you probably found yourself wishing the whole episode could have been caught and corrected early on. Happily, pet wellness exams at Gateway Pet Hospital in Kitchener, ON allow us to do just that. Any veterinarian on our team can check your pet from nose to tail to help ensure a lifetime of better health.

Veterinarian in a pet examinationWhy That Annual Pet Exam Is So Important

When your pet seems as healthy and active as usual, it may seem odd to schedule a comprehensive veterinary examination for him. But that regularly scheduled dog or cat exam can actually make all the difference in securing your pet's state of well-being -- or reveal lurking issues that might otherwise escape your notice. Many serious issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, organ dysfunction, and cancer may do cumulative damage for quite some time before you see changes that might prompt a vet visit -- and by that point, you could be looking at complex treatment challenges.

Regular wellness exams let us catch these issues while they're still easy to treat. They also provide a natural opportunity to administer preventative pet care procedures such as parasite prevention (which prevents fleas, ticks, and worms from damaging your pet's health) and spay or neuter surgery (which safeguards your pet against reproductive cancers).

What to Expect from a Cat or Dog Exam

Puppies and kittens receive several wellness exams before they reach adulthood, which are administered alongside de-worming, core vaccinations, and other important protective measures.

Your adult pet should receive a wellness exam every year. We will run lab tests to check for diseases, evaluate your pet's skin and sensory organs, observe his behavior and musculoskeletal function, check his vital signs, and make sure his weight is normal for him.

A senior cat or dog exam includes similar steps, but it places an extra emphasis on checking for issues that become more problematic with age, such as diabetes and cancer. Senior pet exams need to occur twice a year instead of once a year.

If we notice any problems that need correcting, we will review the treatment options with you and help you get your pet's health back on track. We can also recommend home pet care practices that can help your pet remain as healthy as possible.

Contact our Kitchener Veterinarian at Gateway Pet Hospital

Show your pet how much you care by protecting his well-being. Call (519) 653-1003 for a pet wellness exam with our Kitchener veterinarian at Gateway Pet Hospital!


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