Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform surgery 5 days a week in our state-of-the art surgery suite.  We regularly perform spays, neuters, lump removals and dental surgery and we are fully equipped to preform a variety of other elective and emergency soft tissue surgery. We have a board-certified mobile surgeon that is available to come to our hospital to preform many more complicated orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries including Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomies (TPLOs) for cranial cruciate ligament ruptures.  Having a mobile surgeon come in to our hospital allows your pet to be cared for by our expert staff that are familiar to him/her in the comfort of our local hospital instead of having to drive to a referral center. 

Occasionally, we refer our patients to specialty hospitals for their surgery.  This is the best option for your pet if he/she requires hospitalization or ICU care overnight or for several days.  It may also be the best option for certain types of surgery that require specialized equipment or expertise, or if the mobile surgeon is not available.  We refer to several incredible specialty veterinary referral centers and can assure you your pet will be in the best hands!