Dermatology (Skin)

If you have noticed your dog or cat is suffering from paw licking, itching, skin irritation or a rash, finding them relief from this condition is necessary to keep them in the best of health. We are here to help with all the dermatology problems that arise with your pet! Here is some information about common skin ailments and how our vets can help.

Flakey or Dry Skin

If your pet suffers from dry skin, irritation in the form of itchiness may occur. Many times, diet is blamed for dry skin and dandruff. Although high-quality diets and proper concentrations of essential fatty acids will optimize skin health, there may be other factors at play.  The best solution for relieving dry skin is to see our veterinarian for assistance in finding the cause of the problem and providing medication to relieve symptoms. However, we can recommend gentle shampoos that you can use at home to help soothe some itching until you are able to book an appointment. 

Loss of Hair

During some seasons, and some years more than others, it can be amazing how much our pets can shed! In most cases, this is completely normal.  However, there are several reasons why a pet may suddenly develop hair loss or have a decrease in hair growth. Allergies, fleas, mites, and anxiety are a few common causes of itchiness that lead to hair loss from itching, scratching and biting their fur.  There are some medical conditions that will lead to the failure of hair to grow normally. Our veterinarian is your best resource to finding the cause of your pet’s hair loss!

Rash or Skin Allergy

Skin allergies are extremely common in dogs, but can also occur in cats.  It is important to rule out infection and external parasites before coming to the conclusion of skin allergens.  When a pet suffers from skin allergies, itchiness, soreness, and redness in the form of a rash could occur. Specific foods, the environment, parasites, and chemical agents are all potential sources that could cause an allergic reaction to occur. It is important to try to pinpoint the trigger for a skin allergy to help keep it from recurring. Our veterinarians are very experienced in working through suspected allergy cases in a systematic and careful fashion to identify and manage the suspected allergen. There are several safe and effective medications available for long term treatment of allergens that can not be managed by environmental changes or food changes alone.  

If you are concerned about a skin irritation problem your dog or cat is dealing with, it is best to see our veterinarian for a dermatology evaluation. Contact us to book an appointment.