Services Offered at Gateway Pet Hospital in Kitchener

Veterinarian treating a dogGateway Pet Hospital wants to be your all-in-one animal hospital, providing your special friends with all the services and techniques they need to enjoy long and comfortable lives. Our Kitchener veterinarians provide a variety of important veterinary services including:

Pet Wellness Examinations

From puppies and kittens to adult animals and senior pets, we can administer regular wellness exams to help preserve your pet's health.

Pet Emergency Services

Bring your pet to us for emergency services such as C-sections, fracture repair, heat stroke or poisoning treatment, removal of dangerous objects or blockages, and neurological crises such as a stroke.


We offer such helpful diagnostic techniques as ultrasound, radiology, electrocardiograms, and blood pressure monitoring. Our in-house diagnostic laboratory also helps us detect internal problems quickly and accurately.

Pet Surgery

Gateway Pet Hospital can perform many types of common pet surgeries, while also providing referrals for, particularly unusual or complex procedures. We can spay or neuter your pet, perform orthopedic surgeries to restore joint function, perform emergency surgery and much more.


We take pet anesthesiology seriously at our clinic. That's why we monitor your anesthetized pet's condition carefully via our pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitoring, and Doppler technologies.

Pet Dental Exams

We administer routine dental checkups to look for oral cancer, periodontal disease, damaged teeth, infections and other problems that may require treatment by your Kitchener veterinarian. We also perform deep cleanings to remove tartar, warding off bacteria and periodontal disease.

Pain Management

Managing chronic pain can help your pet have a happier life. We offer methods ranging from exercise programs and anti-inflammatory medication to corrective or reconstructive surgery.

Nutritional Counseling for Pets

Is your pet eating for health? We can advise you on good dietary nutritional practices for your pet, including specialized diets to cope with particular ailments.


Microchipping is a quick, easy, non-surgical way to implant a tiny data-containing transceiver chip beneath your pet's skin. When scanned, this chip provides the necessary information to help you find your missing animal.

Mobile Vet Services

When you can't come to us, let us come to you. Our mobile vet services are ideal for pets or pet owners who cannot travel to our facility.

Pet Grooming

Grooming provides major health benefits for pets. We can trim nails, give medicated baths, express anal glands and more.

Contact our Veterinarian in Kitchener

Gateway Pet Hospital not only provides a wealth of services for animals just like yours -- we also provide you with a team of skilled veterinarians in Kitchener that your pet needs to enjoy a healthy life for many years to come. Call our veterinary clinic at (519) 653-1003 to schedule any veterinary services your pet may require!

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