Gateway Pet Hospital Position Statement on Deworming

Gateway Pet Hospital supports the routine use of anti-parasitic medication to prevent disease caused by parasites, and to prevent the spread of parasites to other pets and humans. Deworming protocols are based on risk factor that include location, exposure, risk of spread and risk to the pet’s family members.  We design of deworming protocols based on the recommendation from professional guidelines in North America. 

Key Points:

  • Puppies and kittens are particularly susceptible to parasites. They can cause serious disease.
  • Children and immune compromised adults are at highest risk for contraction parasites from pets.
  • Many pets have parasites and shed microscopic parasite eggs without any signs.
  • Parasites are usually picked up in the environment, in water or grass, or from direct contact with other dogs’ feces.
  • Raw meat is also a source of intestinal parasites.


Companion Animal Parasite Council:
Canadian Parasitology Panel (CPEP):

For more information on deworming, please visit “parasite prevention” on our website. 

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