If you have noticed your dog or cat is suffering from skin irritation or a rash, finding them relief from this condition is necessary to keep them in the best of health. Contacting Gateway Pet Hospital in Ontario is an option available to get treatment when dermatology problems arise in your pet. Here is some information about common skin ailments and how our vet can help.

Dog scratching behind the ear
Irritation of The Skin

If your pet suffers from dry skin, irritation in the form of itchiness and scaliness is sure to occur. The best solution for relieving dry skin is to see our veterinarian for assistance in finding the cause of the problem and providing medication to relieve symptoms. At home, consider giving your pet a bath with baby oatmeal added to their water. This will provide instant relief and will help to soften the skin naturally.

Loss of Hair

There are a few reasons why a pet may suddenly have a decrease in fur growing from their skin. They may suffer from anxiety, causing them to bite and scratch at their fur. A skin problem may cause itchiness to occur. Dealing with fleas might make your pet try to alleviate itchiness by biting their fur. Our veterinarian will know the telltale signs of a skin problem that causes hair to diminish and will take the appropriate steps to reverse the situation.

Rash or Skin Allergy

When a pet suffers from allergies of the skin, itchiness, soreness, and redness in the form of a rash could occur. Specific foods, the environment, parasites, and chemical agents are all potential sources that could cause an allergic reaction to occur. It is important to try to pinpoint the trigger for a skin allergy to help keep it from recurring. Our veterinarian will assist in conducting tests to find out what your pet is allergic too so contact with the item is avoided in the future. The allergic reaction of the skin is treatable with medication and some lifestyle changes for your pet. 

If you are concerned about a skin irritation problem your dog or cat is dealing with, it is best to see our veterinarian for a dermatology evaluation. Contact Gateway Pet Hospital in Ontario to make an appointment at your convenience. Our veterinarian is ready to help your pet find relief from their skin condition quickly and effectively. Reach out to us today by calling our practice at (519) 653-1003.


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