Updated September 28th, 2021
We want to thank you for supporting us and our protocols through the past year and a half.

We assure you that we are staying current with the changes during this pandemic and continue to adhere to protocols recommended to us by both our veterinary organizations as well as local health officials

Our veterinary hospital poses many challenges that are unique from a retail store or restaurant.

Effective September 29th 2021 we will be asking that only clients who have received two valid doses of a COVID-19 vaccine enter the facility for their pet’s veterinary appointment, we are still asking that only 1 person per household come in. If a client has not received 2 valid doses of a COVID-19 vaccine we will continue the appointment as ‘curb-side’. We continue to have product sales, RVTveterinary technician  appointments and Grooming appointments curb-side.

Clients will receive a text message 24hrs prior to their appointment with a link to our COVID screening form. We ask that ALL clients with appointments fill this form out so we will know whether your appointment will be in-hospital or curb-side and help us prepare. If you arrive for your appointment and have not filled out the electronic form, you will be asked to fill out a physical paper copy.  If you are not comfortable filling out portions of the form that ask about vaccination status, your appointment will automatically be curb-side.

We expect patience and co-operation with our staff as this policy change is made and want to remind our clients that if there are acts of verbal abuse toward our team or other clients you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.     I really think this is important to set an expectation and show out staff and clients we care. it sounds harsh but I know a lot of clinics doing this now.

Factors that we must take into consideration include:

  • Time and staff necessary for disinfection procedures.
  • Space necessary to provide proper distancing in our lobby.
  • Equipment and supplies necessary to provide physical barriers.
  • High traffic with clients picking up food and medication through waiting areas.
  • Small examination rooms where proper physical distancing is difficult.
  • Immunocompromised staff and clients.


TELEMEDICINE: We continue to offer telemedicine appointments for appointments that may not require an in-clinic visit. This is an excellent way to get a one-on-one video conference with the doctor from the comfort of your home. The doctor can view your pets on video and/or view pictures that are sent in advance. Any medications can be prepared for contactless pickup. There is a reduced fee for telemedicine appointments, and if the veterinarian decides that your pet needs to be seen, you will only pay the difference between the telemedicine exam and in-clinic exam.

Send any relevant pictures to [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment if possible.

Fill out the online Gateway Pre-Appointment Form if possible.

For telephone consultations, please ensure that we have the correct phone number to contact you at, and ensure you are available at the scheduled time of the appointment. Be aware that telemedicine appointments may run behind schedule, but typically no more than 5-15 mins. The caller ID for your telemedicine call may say “private number”.

For video conferences, please ensure that you have the ZOOM app downloaded on your phone or device prior to the appointment. You do not need to sign up for an account. When the video launches, you will see a pop-up that will prompt you to “join with online audio” or similar. Please select YES. Once your video conference is launched, you may click the video icon to start the video.


2 days prior to your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to our Mandatory Checklist for Appointments and our Patient Health Information Form, this allows us to prepare for your pet’s appointment better.

On arrival for your appointment, park in one of the designated parking spots if possible. There will be instructions on the parking spot sign directing you to TEXT ONLY (226) 533-1659. Include your first name and last name, pet’s name and your spot number. A veterinary team member will return the text and/or call you as soon as possible.

We will call to discuss the reason for your pet’s visit from the comfort of your car. You will then be advised to meet us with your pet at the front door. Please ensure your pet is on a secure leash or in a secure carrier. We will supply you with a new medical mask to wear prior to entering the building. Curbside appointments will be required for individuals who are unable to wear a mask.

You and your pet will be taken into an examination room with a veterinarian.

When the appointment is finished you will be directed to the reception desk where you can then pay your invoice. We have stored credit cards as an option now, if you choose to use your stored card please inform the staff you would like to use this and then you may go directly to the door to leave and an emailed invoice will be sent to you.

If you choose to stay in your car during the examination the veterinarian will call you at the desired number during the examination to discuss your pet’s health and plan. Note that the veterinarian may call from a cell phone, in which case the caller ID will say “private caller”.

A ZOOM video call can be arranged in advance if you would like to have video in the exam room with the doctor and your pet.


For compassionate reasons, we will allow up to two family members to enter our hospital during euthanasia.

We will ask you to complete the self assessment of Covid-19 symptoms prior to entering the hospital, sanitize your hands and We will supply you with a new medical mask to wear prior to entering the building’

CURRENT PROCEDURE FOR CONTACTING US: Our phone lines continue to be extremely busy and we appreciate that it is difficult to get through to us at times. We are doing our best to keep phone lines open by maximizing the use of email and online ordering.

FOOD ORDERS: We encourage you to call in advance to ensure we have your food in stock. You can prepay and we will have your items ready for you for fast and easy curbside pickup. To contact us: Try our Webstore for fast online ordering. Your food can be delivered right to your home. Here is the link:, Email us at [email protected] (please allow 24 hours for responses) Call us at 519-653-1003.

MEDICATION ORDERING: Please allow 5-7 days for medication refills. If your refill is urgent, please let a team member know. To contact us: Email us at [email protected] (please allow 24 hours for responses) Call us at 519-653-1003.