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We can’t say enough how much we appreciate your tremendous support as we have navigated through new protocols and procedures during the last few months. 

We are so grateful that all of you have helped to keep Gateway running smoothly, from telemedicine appointments to curb-side pick ups and busy phone lines.  We know that all of these changes have not been easy on our pet parents, especially sending your pets through the doors of Gateway Pet Hospital without you accompanying them.  

We have been pleasantly surprised by how well your pets have handled these changes. Our team has had the unexpected experience of bonding with your fur-babies in a new and positive way and we feel honoured to have been trusted by all of you to do so. It is not unusual now to walk by an exam room and peek over the baby-gated back door to see one of our veterinarians sitting on the floor cuddling their patient while chatting on the phone with their pet-parent! 


We want to assure you that we are staying current with the changes in this pandemic, and we continue to adhere to protocols recommended to us by our veterinary organizations, and local health officials. We have been asked by many of you when you will be allowed to enter our hospital again, either to accompany your pet into an appointment or pick up a product.  

Our veterinary hospital poses many challenges that are unique from a retail store or restaurant. There is a very high demand for veterinary care at this time and we need to balance staff and client safety with high quality care while minimizing our patients’ stress and still maintaining the high volume needed to see all the pets in need!  For these reasons, we have decided to continue to restrict access to our hospital to staff only. Factors that we must take into consideration include: 



-Social distancing of our staff and clients.

-Time and staff necessary for disinfection procedures.

-Space necessary to provide proper distancing in our lobby. 

-Equipment and supplies necessary to provide physical barriers. 

-High traffic with clients picking up food and medication through waiting areas

-Small examination rooms where social distancing is impossible

-Requirement for closed doors and confined spaces to keep pets safe during exams

-Prolonged close contact required for holding animals while they are examined.  

-Privacy to discuss financial needs and other confidential or sensitive topics 


Please also bear in mind that our team, like all veterinary hospitals, has been providing care continuously through this pandemic. We have been dealing with strict distancing and disinfection protocols and PPE every day.  With many clinics struggling with reduced staff and on reduced hours, the need for veterinary care right now is very high. It has been emotionally and physically challenging for our staff. We strive to do our very best every single day so we deeply appreciate your ongoing patience with us. 

We will continue to re-evaluate our protocols regularly and follow the guidelines of our governing organizations and colleagues. We look forward to inviting our Gateway client family back into our hospital as soon as it is safe to do so.  



We miss you all!  

Sincerely, Your Gateway Family

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